South of the Border Motocross Training Facility in Hamer, SC has become one of the top places to train in the Southeast. Our variety of perfectly maintained tracks includes Supercross, Arenacross and 2 Motocross tracks. The SOBMX amenities are first rate and few places have the level of services that we offer. Thanks to our location beside the South of the Border Tourist Attraction, we can offer motel rooms, full-service camping, 24hr restaurants and much more.

One of the hottest young amateur riders has been calling SOBMX home lately, and is now headed to the Pro circuit. Cooper Webb of the Star Valli Yamaha team recently did an interview with Racerxonline where he mentioned SOBMX as an important part of his motocross training schedule.

South of the Border MX is really cool; it’s on the border of North Carolina and South Carolina. I live about three hours away from there and go there when I can. That is where I spend most of my time riding and training because I feel that is the best place I can go. I also train a lot with Gary Bailey. I still live at my house in Newport, North Carolina, but I go down at South of the Border and ride quite a bit.

South of the Border Motocross Training Facility is well suited for amateur riders like Cooper Webb who are ready to get to the next level. Its rare to be able to find all the motocross tracks a rider needs in one location, and that is one of our biggest advantages to a rider. They can spend more time racing and learning from our experienced instructors instead of traveling from place to place for different tracks, as Cooper mentioned in the interview.

For me, the more different tracks I can ride the better. That’s one of the cool things about South of the Border—they have four different tracks there to ride (three outdoors tracks, an SX track, an Arenacross track and tons of trails.) I would like to stay at home more, but there aren’t really any tracks close to my house, so it kind of forces me to travel. But I really enjoy my time at South of the Border and feel like my program has really improved.

Cooper Webb has been the hottest amateur rider on the 250cc circuit and recently signed a 3 year deal to ride for Yamaha as an amateur and pro. He has won 4 Loretta Lynn championships, and is moving up to the Pro class in the 2013 Lucas Oil Motocross Championship. Cooper reflected on what an incredible year 2012 was for him.

This year went really well for me. I was able to win championships at every amateur national I went to. I got a first and second at Loretta Lynn’s and then went and won the Monster Energy Cup. Mini O’s was my first amateur national in the A Class and it went really well. I think going into next year and the amateur nationals, I’m prepared as I’ve ever been.

We know big things are in the works for Cooper Webb, and everyone here at South of the Border Training Facility will be behind him 100% as he moves into the big leagues. We are sure he will be just as successful there as he has been on the amateur circuit, and we wish him the best of luck. We look forward to watching him train and grow at our motocross training facility.

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