If you are looking for a serious motocross training facility with all the amenities you could imagine, then the South of the Border Motocross Training Complex should be your first choice. SOBMX has an amenities package that is like no other facility in the nation. The structured motocross training programs are suitable for amateur and professional riders.

SOBMX has several top competition-caliber Supercross, Arenacross and motocross tracks set on the 300 acre South of the Border tourist complex. Our excellent facilities offer both aspiring amateur champions, as well as seasoned Supercross and Outdoor National professionals, an opportunity to enhance their riding skills and reach their competition goals. We will train you to be the best motocross rider that you can become.

At SOBMX, we believe that mastering the fundamentals of controlling a motorcycle is the key to improving confidence. As skills and confidence improve, daily competition between riders will push them to excel. The professional motocross riders and trainers that call SOBMX home can teach you how to ride properly and teach you how to train effectively. SOBMX training programs will teach you motocross techniques like proper attack position, proper braking techniques and braking points, weighting your pegs, throttle control, looking ahead, jumps, berms, ruts and many more. Our programs and packages can be adapted to your needs and goals.

If you are ready to commit to being the best rider you can be, then SOBMX is the right place to be. Contact us today for any questions about our training packages below.



  • Taylor Futrell Taylor Futrell
  • Cody Gerhard Cody Gerhard

    Taylor Futrell

    Taylor is one of the most decorated motocross racers to come out of the state of North Carolina. During a fourteen year amateur career Taylor won three national titles including a win in 450A at the AMA Amateur National Championships at Loretta Lynn’s. A pro career, cut short by injury, included top ten finishes in both AMA Supercross and Outdoor National competition. Taylor utilizes his experience at the national and professional level to coach kids on riding technique as well as the mental aspects of motocross. An avid sports fan, each morning Taylor is always ready for a discussion on the previous evening’s happenings in the world of sports!


    Cody Gerhard

    Pennsylvania native Cody Gerhard has recently completed a 4 year bachelor’s degree at the University of Utah. Cody majored in Exercise and Sports Science and minored in Sports Nutrition. Over the past 4 years Cody has worked with both amateur and professional action sports athletes. Even though Cody has coached athletes of all sports, he is most dedicated to working with the sport that he knows best, dirt bike racing. Cody grew up racing dirt bikes in the GNCC off-road series. It was with the right training program and a strict diet that he was able to win a total of 5 class Championships, 3 of those being AMA National Championships during his career. With Cody's education and experience as a racer, he is now able to teach dirt bike racers the importance and effectiveness of a well-rounded strength training program. From race day nutrition to a pre-race warm-up, you will most likely see Cody at most amateur races helping our athletes throughout their entire weekend of racing. 


Riders holding an AMA/FIM Professional License

* Includes riding on all tracks including MX, SX, AX and Gym

Daily Rate SX/MX


Weekly Training with room/hookup

  • $150 Training
  • $185 Room
  • $335 Total

Monthly Training with room/hookup

  • $600 Training
  • $545 Room
  • $1,145 Total

Amateur Riders

* Includes riding on MX & AX tracks along with access to our Gym/ facilities

Daily Rate MX/AX


Weekly Training with room/hookup

  • $550 Training
  • $185 Room
  • $735 Total

Monthly Training with room/hookup

  • $1,200 Training
  • $545 Room
  • $1,745 Total

3 Month Training with room/hookup

  • $1,000 Training/ Month
  • $545 Room/ Month
  • $1,545 Total/ Month

6 Month Training with room/hookup

  • $900 Training/ Month
  • $545 Room/ Month
  • $1,445 Total/ Month

Important Notes

* Months are 4 weeks, Monday thru Friday

* We will make every effort to ride each day, but there will be days missed due to circumstances beyond our control.

* All training must be paid in advance.