There is nothing more gratifying than having a rider on the podium at Loretta Lynn’s, thank you for helping them prepare.  South of the Border Motocross Training Complex got plenty of thanks at the recently concluded Rocky Mountain MC/ATV AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships.  SOBMX riders had 56 total top ten moto finishes including sixteen top fives,  ten podiums, and twelve moto wins!  These moto finishes led to twenty-four top ten overalls including seven podium finishes and three national championships.

Jett Reynolds led the way in the youth classes with 6 moto wins in the 85cc 9-11 classes and two championships.  Jett was followed by Caden Braswell with two second place scores.

Jett Reynolds 6 moto wins!

Jett Reynolds 6 moto wins!

Nick Romano, Jordan Jarvis, Moon Gerrits, Brock Papi and Jamie Astudillo joined the podium parade as well.  Romano captured second overall in the 65cc 7-9 class and backed it up with fourth in the 65cc 7-11.  Jordan Jarvis finished a strong second in the Girls  12-16 and was first in two out of the three motos in the Women’s class, a broken throttle cable in moto one keeping her off the overall podium.  Astudillo was third in all three motos of the Girls 12-16 for an overall of third.  Gerrits made the most of awesome starts to capture second overall in the 50cc 7-8 class.   Papi competed for moto wins while carding a third overall in Schoolboy 1.

Brandon Hartranft won his first moto at Loretta’s and followed it up with three more wins in the 450B classes.  Brandon scored his first national championship in 450B Limited and backed it up with a fifth overall in the 450B mod.

Katie Benson, Austin Kapoukranidas, Jake Impens, and Scott Sheak all had top five finishes.  Benson was fourth in the Girls 9-13, Impens fourth in 450B, Austin 5th in 85cc 9-11 and Sheak finished up fourth overall in the +35.

Hunter Layton, Shelby Benson, Maggie Gerrits, Cody McCulloch, Jason Bryant and Hogan Mims were all top ten overall finishers.

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