South of the Border Mx training facility is a one of a kind facility. Everything that we need to be a successful motocross racer is provided to us along with great trainers and people to share the experience with.


South of the Border mx training facility is a great place to train and ride. We have a set schedule that we go by everyday. The workouts push us hard and prepare us for Loretta’s. I have noticed a big change in my speed and fitness since the day I have started.


South of the Border has been a great way for me to get faster and learn new things. The tracks are prepped and watered every day and the layouts are constantly changing. There are 2 tracks for us to be able to ride about every day, so we don’t have to get bored of riding just one. Our group does fun sprint motos where we can race against each other to get faster and longer motos to work on endurance. I have gotten a lot faster at South of the Border and hope I stay here for a long time.

Matt Burkeen

South of the Border has all tools necessary to succeed in motocross. The facility has everything from fun for the kids and adults to the gym, tracks, everything you would want and need at a facility. In this sport it’s not always about training, riding, and most certainly isn’t all about fun. When you balance having fun your riding training and racing it puts the whole package together and you reach your goals. This sport is our job but it’s a fun job and when the fun goes away you stop doing your job. SOB is the perfect facility to balance all the variables in this sport necessary to be successful. I have to say out of personal experience this is one of the best places to be for training in the whole country.

Robbie Marshall

South of the Border has become one of the best motocross training facilities in the country. Sobmx has all of the key features you need such as: the gym, corner track, outdoor track, and the professional supercross track. On site South of the Border is equipped with hotel rooms for riders to stay full-time. Here at Sobmx everyone is friends on and off the track, but our training regimen is taken seriously. Everyone here learns on the track from the trainers as well as other riders. South of the Border is a great facility!

Chad Godwin

South of the border is a awesome place to come ride and train. It has three really good tracks to train on from corner tracks all the way to supercross tracks! They are always groomed and watered and it’s hard these days to go find somewhere to ride at and you will always know you will have a great track to ride no matter of the conditions. There are also many stores and restaurants if you ever need to shop or get hungry. You don’t find that anywhere else!

Ryan Zimmer

Riding and training at South of the Border has been a great experience. The tracks are fun and challenging. Everyone here is helpful and has helped me become a better rider. We are always doing great workouts in the gym and all of the practice techniques we do on the track are great. Having the motels right next to the track makes staying here so convenient. Everyday I’ve been here I feel I’ve accomplished something that will get me closer to my goals. It’s a very fun and productive place to ride.

Lauren Coleman

South of the border has been a great place for bettering my motocross skills. The facility is great with three different tracks at our fingertips to ride every day. An on-site mechanic is here for any bike problems. We have tons of places to eat at the border, or in Dillon the town is nice quiet town to visit for any shopping or grocery needs. The facility offers plenty of rooms to stay in and tons of activities to do with a full gym to train in and prepare for nationals.

Kyler West

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